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About Obsidian Needles:

The coalescence of sound and textile.

Looking to cloth’s similarities to the human condition enables the capacity for the creation of cloth to be transformed into an allegory for life. The loom recounts for the narrative of the weaver. The cloth becoming a depiction of the weaver’s life stages and undertakings. Comparatively this process is bounded to my own work. The physical process requires entwinement of myself alongside fiber and the loom. Applying techniques that may appear arbitrary, involving steps that could easily be simplified. However the performance involved in interacting with each individual thread encased in my work becomes meditative. Deliberately apprenticing in the manner of the fiber, through a mechanism that is not obliged to me. This process teaches self awareness, and provides an approach to becoming convoluted within the medium I am working. Similarly to the circular essence of nature, and representative of nature’s gestational periods, my position in weaving enables me to actively engage in periods of self growth while creating physical representations of these moments. Thus becoming conscious of the emblematic stages of human life, beckoning myself to become seeds beneath the soil, germinating under the influence of weaving, until the inevitable realization of a completed work.






About Earth Rituals:

The intention of Earth Rituals is to preserve the wild spirit of herbs, in a process of rebirth into Flower Essences, Tinctures, and Elixirs. Increasing consideration for undomesticated habitats and the proliferation of plants is the main objective. When reverence for herbs is taken, more rooted connections between the ingestior and the herb materialize.

Each herb has either been ethically wildcrafted, or freshly harvested from small scale farms working to grow endangered herbs. All tinctures and elixirs are made with gluten free alcohol and raw local honey.